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NFT Moon Metaverse is the futuristic Create2Earn multi blockchain universe. It will be inhabited by self-driven and creative people craving for boundless opportunities. NFT Moon is a metaverse in which a person can build a new life. The main task of the player is to make the planet alive. To do this, convenient constructors are given, where a person builds avatars, houses, objects, cities, countries. All interaction is based on Play2Earn and Create2Earn. The entire metaverse is built on plots of land. Plots can already be bought . The plot gives the following opportunities: to divide the land, to rent, to receive income from the metaverse, access to advanced designer features, access to rare avatars. ID Cards grants the entrance to the Metaverse where each person can build a personalized reality and experience. Besides networking with other MoonWalkers , one has access to a variety of Metaverse assets: land plots, objects, avatars, advanced designer features. There are over 10 beneficial opportunities in NFT Moon Metaverse — from renting land to creating businesses and events.