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What is Neloverse (NVE)?

Neloverse, a Web 3.0 Gaming ecosystem and Metaverse Open World experience, offers a portal for players and creators to gain complete control over their gaming experiences and have a seamless experience in creating something beyond their imagination.

How will Neloverse Work?

Neloverse is a world of endless possibilities with its flexibility to allow any creation, as long as you have the imagination and creativity to extend your dreams. This is made possible as each Nelovian will be given full access to tools that allows them to have complete control of their Land NFTs and over the creation of any game assets. Personalised NFTs can be created via NeloVox, Neloverse's very own tool to create Voxel assets.

Experience Neloverse's multi-dimensional gaming experience as you play community games made by Game Creators with our Game Maker, complete in-game quests and fight alongside each other against monsters and enemies.

What will NVE be used for?

NVE will be used for primarily in all in-game activities, such as NVE Farming, LP Staking, District Land and NFT Marketplace.

Assets in Neloverse

Players may create in-game assets with NeloVox. Stake game assets in Neloverse to unlock additional benefits for gameplay as well as to earn more NVE. Players will also be able to lease in-game assets to other players in exchange of NVE.

NVE Circulating Supply

NVE has an unlimited supply with 17,000,000 NVE minted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will be locked in the NVE timelock contract from the start. A DAO contract will be implemented in the Neloverse Web 3.0 Ecosystem, which will determine the percentage of $NVE tokens being withdrawn from the timelock contract into each pool contract.

The amount/percentage of $NVE liquidity added into Pancakeswap's liquidity is decided through proposal and voting on the DAO contract using Neloverse's governance token - NVEG. Each percentage of $NVE transferred into each pool contract is also decided through proposal and voting on the DAO contract using Neloverse's governance token - NVEG.