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MiniDog was the last born in the Dog family. He was so small that the Dog Family would sometimes not realize he wasn’t with them. One day, at the park, the Dog Family mistakenly left MiniDog behind.

After searching for his family for hours, he ended up at an animal shelter where he lived for the next few months while they tried to locate his family. While living at the shelter, something magical happened and he ended up with powers to sense sexual desires in other animals. This made him a powerful Dawg, indeed!

His powers attracted the attention of the media and, eventually, his family found him again. Once home, he went on a mission to help lost and scared animals find their way to the nearest animal shelter. After thousands of rescues, MiniDog’s celebrity status earned him the badge of becoming the first ever Dog to step foot on the moon. He went on to win many awards for his bravery and good deeds, and proved to the World that size does not matter.