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MetaSnooker aims to make a highly intriguing and realistic snooker simulation. All the rules and characteristics are kept exactly the same as what you can expect from a typical snooker table.

The gameplay of MetaSnooker is kept practical and fast-paced.

The play-to-earn nature of the game gives it immense potential to stand out from the rest of the conventional snooker games. Challenge your snooker skills, dominate your opponents, and win big!

How does “MetaSnooker” work?

MetaSnooker is a simulation of real-life snooker, so all the rules and characteristics are kept exactly the same. But, instead of getting in-game snooker based rewards, you are going to get MetaSnooker tokens that can be sold for cold hard cash! Now that sounds a heck of a lot better! Polish your skills, improve your technique and defeat your opponents to gain more MetaSnooker tokens!

With a professional, experienced and motivated team, MetaSnooker is the result of a technological innovation in the BlockChain allowing the project to bring the best to its users while having a tenable and reliable roadmap.