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Self-reported circulating supply
1,380,000,000,000,000 MEGALAND
Total supply
1,380,000,000,000,000 MEGALAND
Max. supply
1,380,000,000,000,000 MEGALAND
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About Metagalaxy Land

What Is Metagalaxy Land (MEGALAND)?

Metagalaxy Land is a project that is created with the aspects of crypto currency, decentralized exchange, NFTs, MetaFi and a play2earn embedded metaverse. It offers a blockchain-based next-generation space life simulation and metaverse experience platform where users are able to create and exchange their own customized Planets as NFTs and participate in the metaverse as Space Cowboys or they can choose to be Space Pirates as the freemium option. In-metaverse transactions such as Leveling Up, Construction and Alliances are done with $Megaland Token which is launched on Binance Smart Chain on November 26, 2021. With the play2earn function embedded in metaverse, users earn tokens through Mining Resources, Alliances and Trading, or by selling their NFTs on the Metagalactic Marketplace.

$Megaland Token

$MEGALAND token is the main currency of the Metagalactic Universe. Its area of usage is determined as in-metaverse transactions. Metagalaxy Land team follows %0 tax policy with a non-mintable functioned contract.

Metagalactic Swap

Metagalaxy Land offers a DEX which is called Metagalactic Swap to reward and provide the holders a passive income. It contains $Megaland Pools to stake their tokens and NFT Pools to stake their planet NFTs.

If one visits Metagalactic Swap, they can see that there are trading and farms sections which are ‘Under Construction’. As a DEX is not complete without these sections, Metagalaxy Land team ensures Metagalactic Swap will grant users these options to benefit from in upcoming days.

Metagalactic Swap users can choose their $Megaland staking period from multiple options:

Flexible Period Lock with 5% APY 3 Months Lock with 8% APY 6 Months Lock with 11% APY 12 Months Lock with 15% APY

NFT Staking Pool is flexible with hourly given token rewards.

Metagalactic Universe (Metaverse)

The Metaverse is a significant subject that underpins a vision that encompasses the entire industry, not just a number of businesses. It is an online, 3D virtual world that connects people in many ways and has been attracting people's attention and interest in recent years. It can be viewed as the mobile internet's replacement.

As it can be observed, Metagalaxy Land is a future-oriented project. They not only want to take part in it, but want to be one of the architects of the future. They always stated that they passionately and strongly believe that building a Metaverse and granting a unique metaverse experience to the world is the strongest foundation for them to achieve this aim.

Hence, with Metagalaxy Land, they encourage people to imagine their perfect world. To fulfill their utopias, they are given the chance to create their planet, its life forms, society, and physical features. In this way, they are not only giving them a chance to take place in the metaverse but the freedom to be able to build it.

They promise and provide the world a unique experience with the pleasure of a 'Crisp - Ease - Limitless' metaverse adventure that can be told across time and space.

Metagalactic NFTs (Planets)

The Metagalaxy Land team believe that NFTs will become a huge part of our daily lives, which makes them the reminiscents of the future. Based on this, as an innovative project, Planet NFTs are implemented to their metaverse with a P2E function for people to have a glimpse of the future and a chance to be a part of it.

When an investor buys a Metagalaxy Land NFT, they are not only buying an avatar or a provably rare piece of art but also they find a place for themselves in this peerless adventure.

There are 4.000 randomly generated NFTs that can possess up to 5 traits 4 different kinds of planets -Jungle, Desert, Ice, Ocean- with unique features to participate in the Metagalactic Universe as Space Cowboys.

MetaFi Aspect

Metagalaxy Land is a space-life simulation and metaverse experience platform where different types of users work together to collect the awards and discover new artifacts. Users are divided into two categories; Space Cowboys and Space Pirates. Cowboys own planets and can terraform, manufacture high-value goods, construct buildings, hire Space Pirates, and claim rewards. Space Pirates are freelancers who can establish their clans and guilds and act as the armies and expedition crews of individual Space Cowboys, Planetary Alliances, or giant player-founded factions.

Space Cowboys decide the greater events in the Galaxy and shape its history. Space Pirates are the contractors hired by Space Cowboys as muscle, workforce, and pathfinders.

Space Pirates control the blackmarket. They are freelancers and work for the highest bidder. There are; • Quests to complete • Resources to be gathered, • Explore the galaxy in search of a one-of-a-kind bounty • Take missions from Space Cowboys.

Space Cowboys, users that are appointed owners of a planet NFT, can:

• Convert materials into buildings or planetary upgrades. • Use those buildings and upgrades to get higher-tier materials to craft better buildings. • Spend their coins to stay ahead of the curve. Improve resource gathering and refining. • Create supply lines. • Race to be the strongest, most developed planet in the universe.

Building up production lines with other users is a must for high-tier buildings, armies, and fleets. The higher the level of equipment you wish to produce, the more cooperation it requires. A high-level building might require different types of resources, all found on different planet types, as well as ancient relics found only by exploration. All planets have their own special and exclusive resources.

How Many Metagalaxy Land (MEGALAND) Coins Are There in Circulation?

$Megaland had a presale that sold out in 10 seconds in November 2021. Its total supply is 1.380. $Megaland and all of them in circulation. The initial distribution of $Megaland is stated below:

Seed 8% 110.400.000.000.000 Team 10% Marketing 15% Rewards 15% Burn 10% Airdrop 2% 27.600.000.000.0001 Presale 25% 345. Liquidity 15%

Where Can You Buy Metagalaxy Land (MEGALAND)?

MEGALAND is listed on MEXC, Bitrue, Bilaxy and Pancakeswap. It is possible to buy MEGALAND on these exchanges.

To check Metagalaxy Land price live in the fiat currency of your choice, you can use CoinMarketCap's converter feature directly on the Metagalaxy Land currency page.