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LUXO is the token on which Luxochain's ecosystem and blockchain is based. Luxochain allows you to safely receive, storage and send Digital Certificates of Authenticity and Ownership of your Luxury goods.

Luxochain is a Swiss based company, with world-class expertise on product certification. Our Mission is to deliver sustainability, reputation and authenticity into the Luxury market, tracing goods on the blockchain, from raw material up to the distribution chain, providing Certificates of Authenticity, to protect Brands and Customers, guaranteeing purchases of authentic goods.

We give products their own unique Digital Certificates of Authenticity registered on the Blockchain, secure, readable and transferable by any smartphone.

Brands can certify sustainability, traceability, ad authenticity of their products.

You can access your personal gallery of your luxury goods, select your favorites and access the product sheet to find out the official images, the most important information and details, such as brand, model, size, and verify their origin and materials, consult the manufacturer's information and see the previous owners.

Luxochain allows you to: - receiving, safekeeping and Sending NFT and Digital Certificates of Authenticity and Ownership - view previous transactions of your luxury item before purchasing it - Scan and read NFC, QR right now. Hologram and barcode are coming soon - Synchronize your contact list - possibility to register a lost object and assign a prize for finding it - possibility of reporting in the event of theft - possibility for smart contract management - receive privileges and rewards from your most loved brands

Luxochain make you secure of your luxury goods.

Everyone wants to be sure of what they are buying.

Luxochain, changing tomorrow, today.

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