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Leasehold is a blockchain cryptocurrency based on real estate. The community behind leasehold aims to assist people with launching decentralized exchanges (DEX's) and tokens as part of the Leasehold ecosystem. The Leasehold ecosystem provides fast transaction speeds, is highly scalable and can be used securely to support many different applications. Leasehold's open source code can be adapted and used for many kinds of projects. The end goal is to allow people to accept any cryptocurrency within the Leasehold ecosystem as a form of payment in a way which provides total transparency and reduces the potential for human error.

Business owners who seek to tokenize their existing property businesses can structure and design their own custom tokens the way they see fit. LSH (Leasehold token) aims to be the base currency for the world’s real estate with many major real estate projects being connected to it (directly or indirectly) via decentralized exchanges - The goal is to allow new real estate tokens to be launched by any group of people in such a way that it will be automatically listed on DEXs as a trading pair against LSH (Leasehold blockchain).

Leasehold has chosen real estate as the foundation of the future of this ecosystem because real estate is the cornerstone of most economies and therefore it seems fitting that we start by capturing this market. The technology itself can be used in almost any sector.