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What is USD2?

USD2 is a fully-redeemable, decentralized stablecoin on the Kadena blockchain. It is currently 1:1 backed by collateral, in the form of USDC. The long-term Lago DAO vision is for the collateral to be made up of a mix of cash and short-term U.S. Treasury bonds and other low-risk assets. Unlike other decentralized stablecoins, USD2 aims to be a functional complement of USDC.

Currently, all decentralized stablecoins to date have focused on DeFi utility with few connections to the outside financial system. USD2 aims to cater to traditional financial applications such as payments and global settlements. USD2 can provide value to traditional institutions by combining speed, stability, and decentralization to augment current financial infrastructure.

The LAGO token offers token holders a direct voice in the USD2 system through governance facilitated by the Lago DAO. Functionally, this means that LAGO token holders can vote on key decisions that are proposed to the Lago DAO and thereby help to shape the future of the USD2 system. The Lago DAO aims to be inclusive to all and foster a welcoming web3 community.