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KURAI INU, also known as the dark Shiba, was created with a goal to combine an instantly recognisable and loveable Meme Token with strong utility. Kurai Inu will achieve this goal by, firstly, establishing strong brand-awareness with cutting edge graphics and engaging content, and by secondly launching the highly anticipated SafetySwap. SafetySwap is Kurai Inu's own decentralised exchange platform, designed with ease of use and safety in mind. SafetySwap will provide users with the ability to trade any BSC Token and, in a phase two rollout, will implement an Ethereum Bridge, to allow the additional trading of any ETH Token and expand the reach of the Kurai Inu project, onto another network, targetting new investors. Additional features within SafetySwap include Staking (initially of the Kurai Inu native token, $KURAI, but there are future plans to provide staking pools of various BSC & ETH Tokens) and a Dashboard, displaying the user's fund values in USD and $KURAI. The Kurai Inu team ensure that transparency, user safety and community

The Token Launched on 8th, November 2021 on Pancakeswap

Total Supply - 1 Quadrillion $KURAI Tokens

KURAI is a BEP20 token based on Binance SmartChain

5% of supply burned on launch 4% of supply allocated to the "Airdrop Wallet" for community engagement activities 4% of supply allocated to the "Exchange Listing Wallet", to be used to list $KURAI on other exchanges and reach a wider customer base 3% of supply allocated to the "Research and Development Wallet" to ensure that Kurai Inu has the funds available to continue to innovate and grow as the project matures 3% of supply allocated to the "Marketing Wallet" to ensure that Kurai Inu has funds available to mass-market and bring new investors onboard as the project evolves.