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What is Kalissa ($KALI)?

Kalissa is an ecosystem still being developed, which aims to bring together 6 major sectors of the crypto universe around its own blockchain (layer 1) and its $KALI cryptocurrency.

The services offered by Kalissa must allow consumers to easily access the web3, smart-contracts, cryptocurrency through simplified and secure web interfaces, mobile applications, and real shops.

The sectors being developed by kalissa: a 3.0 luxury brand allowing access to NFTs and physical products according to the Wear-to-Earn model, a layer 1 blockchain on the Polkadot network dedicated to the traceability of luxury or everyday consumer items to fight counterfeiting, a crypto-bank with its KaliPay mobile application available in the beta version, a Web3 marketplace and international metaverse stores.

$KALI is a utility token native to the Kalissa ecosystem. It is used for all transactions and interactions within the company's various business areas, such as: - Transactions on the blockchain. - Means of payment in the Kalissa Marketplace. - Staking for holders of the $KALI token. - Rewards in $KALI for holders of NFT Kalissa. - Voting rights for project governance (DAO). - Buybacks in $KALI on purchases linked to the KaliPay bank card. - Rewards in $KALI for achievements on the Wear-to-Earn application. - Exclusive drops for holders. - Discounts on NFT drops and various other benefits in the ecosystem.

Luxury brand 3.0 Kalissa Paris

The luxury brand Kalissa Paris is leading the way in Wear-to-Earn. For each top of the range garment or accessory that it markets, an NFT is assigned to it, of which the buyer becomes the beneficiary. This physical and virtual double possession allows the customer of the 3.0 luxury brand to obtain a digital asset that may increase in value over time in respect to its level of rarity (there are four(4) levels of rarity), but also to dispose of the asset digitized on the blockchain and access it in all major metaverses to customize your avatar.

Kalissa Paris therefore creates the bridge between the real world and the metaverse, through NFT drops distributed in very limited editions (maximum 999 copies per collection).

Owning a Kalissa Paris NFT grants several advantages such as: - Have a certificate of ownership of the luxury item, registered on the blockchain, and allowing its authentication during resale. - Customize your avatar in the metaverse with a unique, rare, distinctive and prestigious design, in order to stand out from other users. - Request the physical regeneration of your luxury items at a lower cost if it is damaged or lost, or in the event of a resale so that the new buyer can obtain it in his/her own size. - Obtain a certain number of $KALI tokens backed in the NFT (Depending on its rarity level), and take advantage of "NFT staking" to obtain more $KALI backed in each new drop (wear to earn principle). - The exclusive right to burn an NFT to collect the $KALI staked over time. - The possibility of reselling the NFT with the associated luxury product, which gives it more value, on the main NFT marketplaces, and therefore of speculating on a luxury asset. - Access to NFT games via the wallet and the Wear-to-Earn application from Kalissa, in development.

In addition to the NFT authenticating the origin and the property on the Kalichain, Kalissa Paris has developed an innovative process of QR code and NFC chip directly integrated into the physical product, thus making it tamper-proof to fight against counterfeiting.

Its luxury physical items are high-end, of high textile quality, eco-responsible, and Made in France.‌‌

What makes Kalissa unique?