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What Is Innovation Blockchain Payment (IBP)?

Domestic and foreign virtual asset payment systems through rechargeable card (payment platform) and payment process (franchise) solutions

The general economic model of IBP tokens in conjunction with the specific usage scenarios :

  1. Payment Platform (using a Rechargeable Card System) IBP rechargeable card is Korea's first crypto (digital currency) card-type platform and holds patents that can be converted into KRW (KRW) by immediately selling to the exchange by reflecting real-time market prices
  2. Virtual Asset Payment Process Normally, rechargeable cards require many franchises. but IBP can provide integrated service and system in a single package after combining virtual assets with the payment process.
  3. Global Payment Process Platform If the number of merchants who can pay for virtual assets increases, the company can secure the user's reliability based on the reduction of payment fees and the security of payment records, and play a role as a global payment platform in conjunction with IBP token's foreign exchange system.

The technical features of IBP :

  1. Rechargeable payment platform
  2. Exchange It reflects real-time market value when using a crypto at a merchant.
  3. Franchise using blockchain plarform It supports payment of block chain using existing card payment system.
  4. Settlement business operator It provides usefulness for the conversion of legal currency of the block chain, and after the user makes payment with the block chain, the merchant provides settlement services so that he or she can receive legal currency.

The strength of IBP : IBP provide a virtual asset payment solution based on a patent that can be paid with virtual assets. ‘Transaction method and system of electronic currency prepaid card’ Number: 10-1922913 (Korea) Application date: March 10, 2016 Registration Date: November 22, 2018

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