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GnomeToken is a highly deflationary BEP20 token. Users can earn rewards in BNB by staking GNOME, and earn additional BNB by using a unique referral mechanism. GNOME functions by redistributing a 7.5% transaction fee to all staked holders of the token.

GNOME aims to offer an alternative to dog, cat, and Elon Musk based meme tokens. There is one key difference: we offer complete transparency and user participation in decision making via our DAO. We utilise beautiful design and smooth user experience on our dApps and website to make GnomeToken a joyful experience for all holders.

Our roadmap is focused on delivering value to our investors by the memeification of Gnomes. Users may design and mint unique GNOME NFTs using our design suite.

The next stage of GnomeToken is the creation of an NFT design studio where users can design and mint a personalised Gnome NFT. Customisation levels will be dependent upon amount of GNOME held, no two Gnomes will ever be the same.

We launched on 3rd October 2021 by a team of 4 based in the United Kingdom.