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What is GGIVE

GGIVE aims to provide a mutually beneficial relationship between charities, donors and investors using the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

GGIVE is a deflationary token, built on the Binance Smart Chain, that provides a unified digital currency platform as an innovative means of investing, fundraising and donating.

GGIVE rotates charities monthly, from international non-profits, to localised grass-roots causes. Each month, the charities are provided a platform to increase awareness and boost much needed funds without costly fees and delays associated with standard fiat donations.

Who are the founders of GGIVE?

The GGIVE team is fully doxxed! Details of the founders can be viewed on the website

The GGIVE team is diverse and comprises of individuals based out of the UK, US, France, Germany and Australia.

Where can I buy GGIVE

A great place to start is our website! On the site we have contact links, as well as PDF and video tutorials for purchasing available.

How many GGIVE are there in circulation?

The initial supply was 1.5 billion GGIVE tokens. GGIVE is a deflationary token; therefore, the circulating supply is dynamic and reduces with each transaction.

Updated details on the circuating supply can be found on or

GGIVE community

The GGIVE community is vibrant and welcoming. Join the official discord telegram to ask any questions and follow the discussion

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