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Glass Chain adopts the optimization technology of main chain + parachain, and the parachain can bridge other trusted public chains (such as Polkadot) to implement cross-chain technology. This technical framework can effectively guarantee the security of each user's data and assets even in the harshest or insecure environments. Glass Chain has created a commercial application smart contract collection system known as Decom in 2018. And in 2019 it extends the application scenarios of blockchain technology to real world entities, the Internet, and virtual spaces (such as Metaverse). The first commercial application of Glass Chain was within the optometry industry. Glass Chain aims to establish a program similar to the American standard of optometry processing service , that uses the incentive mechanism to reach consensus among: professional doctors, optometry service organizations, optometry product supply chain, patients, and jointly contribute to the health of human eyes. GLS is the incentive layer of Glass Chain. The GLS incentive mechanism involves miners who must be staking parts of the ecological tokens to get rewards, and the entire network will release linearly according to a certain algorithm; 1. Mining: The mining process of GLS is from institutionalized rewards from eco-industrial application merchants; 2. Governance: Holders use GLS to vote to determine Glass Chain's major issues, development direction and the next asset to be listed; 3. Staking: Miners complete consensus stakes according to their roles and receive corresponding rewards.