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What Is FomoDota (FDOTA)?

FomoDota (FDOTA) is a gaming token that aims to build the FOMO MOBA ecosystem to empower esports players. It aims to be a world player in the non-fungible token (NFT) augmented reality esports trading space, allowing its users to find and collect NFTs of their favourite esports heroes in reality and in real-time. According to the project’s twitter profile, the team is based in Singapore.

FomoDota has the ultimate goal of merging the metaverse with the daily lives of people. Currently, FomoDota is developing an NFT game series for popular online game series DOTA.

FomoDota also has an element of charity, where it aims to provide donations to organisations chosen by its esports partners.

FomoDota is now at the 3rd stage of its roadmap, having in the earlier part of the year made its official launches on exchanges. It has also garnered 4000 token holders, 3000 members in its Telegram group and set up its NFT esport marketplace.

\ In the current quarter, FomoDota aims to market famous esports players, push its merchandise out worldwide and announce significant partnerships. By the first quarter of the coming year, FomoDota aims to have accumulated 15,000 Telegram members and launch an esport gaming lottery, as well as sponsor big esports competitions.

Who Are the Founders of FomoDota (FDOTA)?

FomoDota was founded in 2021 by a pair with backgrounds in esports and blockchain software. The developers of this project are currently anonymous, which is not uncommon for projects like this in the crypto space. They have currently not announced any plans for doxxing at the moment.

What Makes FomoDota (FDOTA) Unique?

FomoDota endeavours to connect esports gaming with cryptocurrency. There are specially designed crypto games that use their own native coin, as well as tokens that aim to be the game currency for multiple Play2Earn games, but FomoDota specifically targets the esports industry.

Some of FomoDota’s unique features include that it has an algorithm built in for users to filter the marketplace based on price, strength, player agility and player intelligence.

Furthermore, FomoDota has a charitable arm, and are vocal and active in making donations to organizations identified by renowned esports players that they partner with. At the same time, FomoDota also aims to be heavily involved in the community by sponsoring esports events.

Finally, as part of its community building efforts, FomoDota is unique because apart from marketing to an English-speaking audience, it also targets Chinese esports players.

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How Many FomoDota (FDOTA) Coins are There in Circulation?

There is a maximum supply of a quadrillion FomoDota coins.

There is a 6-18% dynamic tax rate on each transaction, depending on the USDT liquidity of the transaction. The tax is allocated back to FomoDota, the liquidity pool, a transaction fee and to the developer team.

How Is the FomoDota (FDOTA) Network Secured?

FomoDota has been through several rounds of audits. The initial audit was done by HazeCrypto, where it was found to be safe for use in the Binance Smart Chain network. Since then, FomoDota has undergone another audit by CertiK.

Can FomoDota (FDOTA) Coin Hit $0.00001?

As of the start of October 2021, the current value of FomoDota tokens stands around $0.000000000208. To reach $0.00001 would imply an over 48,000X price increase from the all-time high. While this is not entirely extraordinary in the crypto space, it would greatly depend on the project team reaching its objectives and the community backing it.

Where Can You Buy FomoDota (FDOTA)?

FomoDota is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Among them: PancakeSwap.

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