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The project's purpose is to use crypto technology to improve/disrupt the existing multi-billion dollar luxury auction-based markets that cover not only gems but fine art, jewelry, and antiques.

The idea is twofold, firstly, to bring a unique (effectively asset-backed) real-world collectible to the crypto-verse, obviously in digital form - this would be designed to benefit the average person not just the wealthy, and allow them to enjoy the ownership, upside, and protection of such assets for the first time in history

Secondly, to offer an alternative fully functional, deep, transparent, low cost, and open market.

An inclusive rather than exclusive market. A public and not private market, and a transparent not opaque market. Where real people get to participate and benefit.

FIX00 has verifiable gemstones, our own assets, with an appraised value of $16bn, and we will be holding those assets in a secure depository, fully insured with a legal trust preventing any sales (with those costs borne by us in perpetuity). Our Utility Token demonstrates this.

We will then reconstitute those assets in NFT format on a fractionalised and finite basis, which in turn makes them affordable for the people and not just the elites.