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Eternal Spire is the first blockchain roguelike play-to-earn game. You can explore the endless maze with summoned monsters.

Roguelike x P2E In Eternal Spire, there are more than 9 difficulty levels, each maze includes over 1000 maps. The types of artifacts, enemies and routes are generated randomly using procedural generation, so no game is the same on subsequent playthroughs and it ensures a distinct experience every time you start a new maze. You will also obtain abundant rewards after defeating an epic boss.

NFT x Tactical Combat You can summon NFT monsters to build teams and fight, a monster team must be in a group of 3. Inside a 3x6 arena, you will experience classic turn-based combat system with grid-based movement. To defeat your deadly enemies, you have no choice but to read enemies' behaviour carefully, and strategically decide how you will mount an attack and dodge damages from your enemies with embattled monsters. Remember, enemies in Eternal Spire are powerful and spawned infinitely. Once you fail, there will be a certain amount of reward loss.YET, monsters are also lovely blink, badass Bone Dragons, loyal Moondogs, and cute Ninja Cats. Even if the monsters are of the same species, their abilities can be different! If you summon a powerful monster, you can also trade into BNB in the market.

BSC x Rewards System Eternal Spire is built on Binance Smart Chain, rewards are claimed in BNB to secure a stable return. All upgrades and consumption in the game will either be transformed into players' rewards or burned to raise the token price. The develop team only acquires revenue from providing a certain number of limited monsters in major updates.