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Entice Coin old contract has been migrated to a new one. Find more details in their announcement.
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Entice Coin old contract has been migrated to a new one. Find more details in their announcement.

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About Entice Coin

Entice is creating whole crypto ecosystem for their holders.

Entice ecosystem consists of: 1. Entice Games 2. Entice NFTs 3. EnticeX

Entice Games: Entice games is one of the most simplified P2E game. It has multiple mini games like “Spin fight”, “4 in a row”, “Snake & Ladder”, “Ludo”, “Chess” and many more where players can play online with real players across the globe. Players can earn different badges, NFTs and Entice coin while playing.

Entice NFTs: Entice NFTs are new generational digital collectibles which provides multiple benefits to their holders. 1. Passive Income: Each Entice NFT Holders gets passive income from Entice Games Platform fee collection. 5% of Platform fees will be equally distributed amongst the NFT holders. 2. Entice Elite Club Membership: Entice Elite Club is premium membership of Entice eco system. Members get direct access to all Entice Events and many more Privileges. 3. Zero Trading fee on EnticeX: EnticeX is our upcoming centralised Crypto Exchange. We call it Crypto bank. All the Entice NFT holders will be able to trade on EnticeX with zero trading commission.

EnticeX: EnticeX is new Generation Crypto Banking in form of centralised crypto exchange. EnticeX will be providing Investment basket like traditional mutual fund SIP concept but in Crypto. For an Example: EnticeX will have various funds like Metaverse fund, Meme coin fund which will comprise 5-10 crypto assets. If you invest $100 in one of the fund your 10% will be in Ape coin, 15% will be in Eth and so on. Top Crypto will have Pair with Entice coin in EnticeX. Which means if you have Entice coin you can convert it into BTC or ETH, Similarly If you have BTC or ETH you can convert them into Entice coin.