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What is Elysium(Elys)?

Elysium is an easy way of integrating a DeFi project with a strong focus on the business model. Elysium has prepared advanced infrastructure to lift the burden of technological research and to encourage projects to focus on innovative ways to utilize the trading potential. Prime Liquidity is the answer to newborn markets struggling with initial liquidity. Various projects can use liquidity on the On-chain Order Book and therefore increase the number of project has access to. They are not limited to their market and benefit from other protocol’s contributors.

What is ElysiumDEX?

ElysiumDEX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the blockchain that offers advanced order types, such as limit or stop loss orders, creating a more flexible trading experience with greater risk control. The platform provides a similar experience to a centralized exchange (CEX) while maintaining the decentralization and security of a blockchain.