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DogeVillage (DogeV) is 100% community driven token where the community holds the power to decide everything via polls. Holders earn passive DOGE income. The coin was launched on 12 November 14:15 UTC. Total of 100 Billion tokens in suppy. On every buy/sell, there's 14% tax. 2% goes to Liquidity, 6% to Marketing/Buyback, 3% Rewards to holders, 1% to Village Healthcare and 2% to Game Development/Dev team. Three phase extensive roadmap with exclusive marketing and hype to reach a goal of100m in marketcap. Our LP is locked for a minimum of 3 months and would be extended at a milestone voted by the community/DogeVillage tourists. Building a Village definitely requires a solid team. DogeVillage has very active team members with a caring dev who only puts the community first. They have been KYC verified with Pinksale And Contract has been audited by InterFi. Mr Dave is video doxxed.