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835,828 CZUSD
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May 08, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Nov 17, 2022 (a year ago)
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CZUSD news



CZUSD is a unique digital currency that operates within the CZODIAC ecosystem, serving as a gateway for seamless exchange between various products and services. Designed to facilitate easy conversion between BNB and the CZODIAC ecosystem, CZUSD aims to provide its users with the liquidity they need for smooth transactions.

Unlike traditional stablecoins, CZUSD functions more like a centrally managed currency with a dollar peg. This design grants it greater control over its monetary policy, allowing the currency to better support growth within the CZODIAC ecosystem. However, it is crucial to note that while CZUSD generally aims to maintain a 1:1 peg with USD, it may sometimes trade at different rates. As such, it should not be considered a strict rule.

To maintain its independent monetary policy, CZUSD incorporates two primary mechanisms: capital controls through the CzusdGate and a flexible exchange rate via ScorchPeg technology. The CzusdGate makes it easy for users to swap between CZUSD and BNB, while also implementing daily net outflow limits that reset through capital controls. Attempting to use the CzusdGate for arbitrage purposes could lead to blacklisting and asset seizure. Users can access the CzusdGate directly at

The ScorchPeg system is an innovative stabilization protocol for CZUSD, helping maintain its peg to USD. By holding a portion of BNB in reserve, the ScorchPeg system manages the CZUSD value through trades on Pancakeswap, keeping it as close to $1 as possible. During normal market conditions, the peg remains strong. However, when the market experiences stress, the ScorchPeg system temporarily pauses, allowing CZUSD to float. This feature grants the currency flexibility in managing its monetary policy and ensures the security of assets held by the Treasury's Gnosis Multisig Vault. By avoiding the sale of assets at a loss during times of stress, CZUSD is well-positioned to return to its $1 peg as soon as the market stabilizes.

The Treasury's Gnosis Multikey Safe is responsible for securing all collateral for CZUSD. This system guarantees that the currency is always overcollateralized and protected against potential bank runs. The Multikey Safe uses six separate keys to secure the CZODIAC collateral, preventing hackers from accessing the collateral without controlling at least three of the keys.

Within the CZODIAC ecosystem, CZUSD users can access a variety of products and services. These include BEP20 tokens such as LSDT, DGOD, LRT, and others; NFTs like USTSD Silver Dollar NFTs, and DeFi products like CZUSD Notes. The versatility of CZUSD makes it an attractive option for users exploring the broader cryptocurrency landscape.