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CryptoPunt is a decentralized gaming and gambling platform. Underpinned by the Polygon blockchain, the CryptoPunt development team has built the platform to facilitate high-throughput and secure transactions. Ahead of launch, CryptoPunt underwent a careful planning process where the team meticulously designed the frontend of the platform to be entirely intuitive and user friendly. CryptoPunt launched on the 18th of October 2021.

What does CryptoPunt offer?

CryptoPunt launched with a selection of three decentralized gambling games. Blackjack, Coinflip, and Jackpot were the initial suite of games launched by the application. The founding team has noted intentions to launch further gaming options to the CrytpoPunt community. The platform is completely permissioness and allows anyone with a Web3 wallet to easily connect and access the games. There is no registration or KYC.

PUN is the native token of the platform. It is used for:

Accessing discounts on betting fees. Tapping into promotional campaigns Farming and staking opportunities Platform governance

What are the PUN token economics?

There is a total supply of 160 million PUN tokens. 50 million of these tokens were issued to early-stage investors during the sales process. 40 million were allocated to financing operations. Half of the operational financing was allocated to funding operational tasks with the remainder being used to fund partnerships. 20 million tokens were allocated to CryptoPunt contributor incentives. This includes allocations for the establishment of bounty programs. 20 million were dedicated to the CryptoPunt team and advisors. 5 million was stored in a storage solution and will be reserved for liquidity purposes. Another 5 millions was dedicated to the CryptoPunt staff and bootstrapping the project.

Who is the CryptoPunt team?

CryptoPunt is led by an executive team with experience in the tech and gaming industries. It has also onboarded VYSYN Ventures CEO KVESTOR as an advisor. VYSYN Ventures were among the early-stage supporters of the CryptoPunt project.

Who supports CryptoPunt?

CryptoPunt received investment and incubation services from several cryptocurrency-focused venture capital companies. VYSYN Ventures, Insignius Capital, and Black Dragon are among the early-stage supporters of the project.