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What is BTC Ultimatum?

BTC Ultimatum is a decentralized blockchain with a new energy-efficient mining algorithm presented as UPoS (Ultimatum PoS), provision of smart contracts, implementation of atomic swaps and integration of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Its native coin, BTCU, is a privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency based on the Zerocoin protocol. The BTCU Mainnet was launched on Feb 5th.

Who are the founders of BTCU?

The BTCU project is led by CEO Eric Ma and Co-founder Nikolai Udianskiy. Eric Ma is a former core member of CoinMarketCap. The BTCU Co-founder Nikolai Udianskiy has 7+ years of experience in creating, developing, and investing in crypto projects. He took part in the creation and launch of 5 of the 50 crypto exchanges, including Coinsbit. Nikolai is the founder of the EVO Country Club which is a kind of Silicon Valley for blockchain projects. Nikolai Udianskiy is also the founder and CEO of a marketing agency that specializes in promoting crypto projects —, and the founder of a cybersecurity company, ASSUR.