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BDECO is a decentralized and public blockchain. Its consensus method is Proof of Stake (PoS), with validators called Masternodes (MN). The blocks are extracted by the stakers every minute, this guarantees a fast "timeframe" for the execution of transactions and the writing of information. Each block can contain less of 1MB of information. The capacity of each individual transaction to contain arbitrary data (through OP_RETURN) is 10 kilobytes.

The BDECO ecosystem is based on five fundamental pillars thanks to which more or less complex decentralized applications can be developed, which interact at various levels with the Blockchain:

BDCashCore: is the main javascript library. It allows the creation and management of .sid files, the signature of transactions and data, and the basic interfacing with NODESH.

NODESH: is the NodeJS library needed to develop the blockchain interface nodes, these nodes perform various functions including: block explorer, UTXO tracking and file storage on the IPFS (Interplanetary File System) system.

IDBDCASH: is the NodeJS library that manages the interaction between external digital identities and the addresses of the BDCashProtocol blockchain. Thanks to the framework it is possible to identify and "mark" bdcash addresses using various external providers.

Trustlink BDECO: integrated within the NODESH, the Trustlink is a mechanism thanks to which it is possible to create wallets called "multisignatures" which provide for the obligation of the presence of multiple signatures to perform transactions and therefore data writing.

Chains Platform: it is the solution to help tokenization processes: an open and permissionless sidechain system that allows you to create, exchange and track your own digital assets (tokenized assets) only through the bdcash blockchain.

Smart Contracts BDECO: is the scripting system that allows you to create application details, directly incorporated into the NODESH.

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