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30,000,000,000 ARRO

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What Is Arro Social (ARRO)?

ARRO is a utility token created by Arro Universal for advertising on the Arro Social network and for the sharing of ad profits. The ARRO token will also build value with the API within the Arro Social network and other Dapps.  The token is networked to stores utilizing the XPOS by PundiX. ARRO is written with the latest ERC20 compliance.   Arro Social seeks to right the wrongs of current social media networks by creating a more equitable use of social media data.  Arro uses the blockchain to track ad revenue generation, content ownership and user activity.  Profit from advertising is then shared based on volume of user activity via the ARRO token.  Further, rights to data and content ownership are retained by the content creator.   Utility of the ARRO Crypto token provides a secure, consistent, and reliable way to share the wealth, fairly. Users of Arro Social get a chance to earn crypto by doing the things they love without risking their own money.  This, in turn, will expand cryptocurrency adoption by the general public. For more info see:   Arro systems include:    * Arro Social network to share content and earn ARRO * API to share your ARRO tokens in the future * A network of XPOS merchants to spend your ARRO

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Who Are the Founders of Arro Social?

Where Can You Buy ARRO Tokens (ARRO)?

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