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The Bajun Network, which will operate on a Kusama parachain, will be the Canary Network for Ajuna and will be fueled by the BAJU token. The Bajun Network will be fully functional and host games. It will be mainly used for testing and introducing new Ajuna features, services, and functionalities. This will provide a fast moving environment for development and testing. The Bajun Network also has a much easier slot leasing strategy to support smaller game studios and even small groups of game developers. It is intended to be a creative environment that can be used to pursue new kinds of game concepts and introduce new features and functionalities on a fully functional network.

After successful testing and gaining enough traction and exposure to win a slot on the Ajuna Network, the games will most likely move from Bajun Network to Ajuna Network. Nevertheless, smaller games, which don’t have enough exposure to secure a game engine or later a parachain game slot on Ajuna, can also stay in the Bajun Network and profit from the full functionality and services provided there.