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MTG Fiyatı Canlı Veri

What is MetaGunner (MTG)?

MetaGunner is a Run-and-Gun game built on Binance Smart Chain, where players can immerse themselves in battles located in a barren wilderness inhabited by monsters. Developed with the play-to-earn model, MetaGunner allows users to own unique NFTs representing soldiers or weapons, fight monsters, and make a profit with those NFTs. A player needs to purchase a Character Box and a Weapon Box in order to own a Character Card - a soldier, and a Weapon Card - a weapon. The player can use the Character Card and the Weapon Card to enter the game mode to start fighting and shooting monsters. Killing monsters will allow the player to earn rewards, which are of value and can be collected by the player.

MTG is the native utility token that is used for: • Governance • Staking • Special event • Payment for marketplace transactions MCOIN is the in-game token with unlimited supply that is used for: • Upgrade • In-game features • Purchase item in-game

What Makes MetaGunner Unique?

MetaGunner is developed with three-dimensional graphics and skill-focused gameplay, providing players a playground to compete with each other internationally and earn rewards. MetaGunner’s game mechanism is simple and user friendly. MetaGunner focuses on the play-to-earn model, with an economy limiting inflation to a minimum, a mechanism stimulating old investors, and events welcoming new investors. NFTs in MetaGunner actually work in a relatively simple way. The assets used within MetaGunner are programmed as NFTs, which have value among players and collectors and can also be sold.

Gaming has traditionally been play-to-win, where users buy items and upgrades that help them with no real economic return. The Play-to-Earn model in MetaGunner acts instead as a source of income for players who gain valuable rewards for their activities in a game.

Who Are the Founders of MetaGunner?

MetaGunner is a blockchain game launched by parent company KOG Studio, whose founder and CEO is Andy Ly. Ly has more than seven years of experience in E-business and Digital Media, and more than four years of experience in E-commerce in the global retail market. Ly is also the Chief Operating Officer of BEUS company located in Vietnam. Ly stated that KOG Studio has not only created a game where users can entertain but also generate another source of income, which adds the value of labor. Making the game mechanics not too complicated, KOG team targets those who have known, heard, participated in GameFi and those who have done some research but still do not know which game to join.