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Gold Fever is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn online multiplayer video game that: • encourages community building by requiring players to cooperate and engage in a complex strategy • leverages a decentralised structure with economic and psychological incentives • carefully designed to unleash rapid and scalable growth in terms of players, game • infrastructure, and development • uses cryptocurrency to provide players with real-world economic incentives for both playing the game and supporting the game. Gold Fever is first and foremost your typical video game, but it is also an economic game that rewards those who are more successful at analysing it and taking advantage of it. In the rapidly growing online gaming market, which is anticipated to grow at 17.5% CAGR over the next 7 years to reach annual revenues exceeding $285 billion, Gold Fever sits in the particularly attractive “competitive gaming” segment. The game is designed to appeal to players who enjoy complex strategy, immersive story, and dark themes. A key differentiating factor from related offerings (such as Rust, SCUM, or DOTA) is that Gold Fever players have the potential to earn income directly through online gameplay, as well as to support the game’s ecosystem. Our research (see appendix) shows that 90% of competitive gamers are attracted to the possibility of earning an income through the games they play. Up until now, their primary options for doing so have been limited to: 1. securing sponsorships for competitive gaming competitions 2. winning sponsored tournaments 3. gold farming - an activity forbidden by the majority of games but still practised at a massive level by millions of players As with professional athletes, gamers who achieve “professional” status are one-in-a-million, meaning the chances of earning an income from gaming are slim to none. Gold Fever brings the potential to democratise obtaining a salary through online gaming by integrating a variety of crypto-enabled “decentralising” mechanisms.

Thus, Gold Fever players can earn money not only with their playing skills but also by: • Crafting and selling in-game items • Hosting Arenas • Lending in-game currency • Renting out in-game items • Offering in-game services through skills or items that help other players • Selling and trading unique in-game NFTs In the early but rapidly growing crypto-enabled games segment, Gold Fever sets itself apart by being the first to feature top-grade 3D graphics and a focus on quality gameplay first over being a “crypto-enabled” game. Beyond that, Gold Fever uses cryptocurrency and decentralisation as tools to unlock growth and engage a long-lasting community of players and supporters. After the game has been released to the public, decentralised governance mechanisms are gradually introduced. The aim is to create the perfect realm for a self-governing game where players elect a council that will decide upon the best interests, such as whom to work with, what things to tweak, what features to add, what budgets to use, and much more.