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266,778,951 AZERO
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336,231,180 AZERO
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Apr 14, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Jun 18, 2022 (a year ago)
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Nelle watchlist75,145x
527th / 8.9K
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Notizie su Aleph Zero


Informazioni su Aleph Zero

What is Aleph Zero (AZERO)?

Aleph Zero is privacy-enhancing layer 1 blockchain, engineered for speed, achieving efficiencies akin to conventional web2 systems. It upholds rigorous standards for data privacy and transaction security, while aiming for genuine decentralization over time. Aleph Zero’s versatility is highlighted by over 40 use cases being actively developed, showcasing its adaptability across various sectors and applications.

To date, Aleph Zero raised $15m for continued development. Initially, the project has been initially bootstrapped by the founding team in early 2018.

The first version of the Aleph Zero mainnet went live on November 10th, 2021.

Aleph Zero growth plans include enable privacy-enhancing features based on secure Multi-Party Computation (sMPC) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). Access to these features will require identity verification and will be subject to AML policies; the transparent network mode will continue to work in a permissionless (non-gated) fashion.

AZERO is the native coin powering the Aleph Zero blockchain.

Aleph Zero team

Aleph Zero ecosystem