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À propos de Retreeb

What is Retreeb ?

Retreeb is a new decentralized way to pay that allows its users to act in accordance with today’s universal values of ethics, sharing and solidarity.

Retreeb is built on the Fantom blockchain, using a fork “Fantom Opera”, with a DAG consensus.

Our vision is to build a better future by a better distribution of value using payment.


By removing the middleman, which are the banks, retreeb is able to free itself and merchants from interbank fees. Through its economic model as well as its technical infrastructure, we are opting for unprecedented transparency in a particularly opaque sector. Finally, we approach payment by placing corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR) at the heart of our business model.

For each payment made on the network, retreeb charges the merchant fees (from 0.9% to 1.5%) that are lower than those charged on the market and with no fixed fees, this is a very attractive source of savings for the merchant. One third of this income is donated by retreeb to the social project selected by the user issuing the transaction. This economic model is not based on any direct financial contribution from the user. It is only retreeb that chooses to donate a third of its revenues.

The (S)treeb Are multi-local stablecoins which are not subject to any form of speculation. They are backed by the user’s currency so 1 FIAT = 1 (S)treeb.

The (U)treeb Is a governance token utility for the Retreeb community. It has a fixed offer and variable value. It’s main role concerns governance in the selection of CSR projects for funding. The system uses a proof of-stake mechanism to select validators to participate in these governance decisions.

Who are the founders of Retreeb ?

Retreeb was founded by Jérémi Lepetit, Sayah El Yatim, Quentin Lepetit and Stephanie Flacher. It’s the fruit of an experience they lived one day after eating a pizza. “The pizzeria refused my payment under 15€. I realised that payment was the only thing I understood about finance and the link that concerned us all to this industry. I also understood that behind this refusal to accept my payment there was a fee.” – Jérémi Lepetit

And in 2019 this project was born, that today employs around 20 people in it’s new Parisian office.

Where can I buy $Treeb ?

Retreeb Public Sale took place in September, starting with Probit Global Exchange. $Treeb will also be available on mutliple DEX, such as Spookyswap.

How many $Treeb are in circulation ?

The total supply of Treeb is 1 Billion, created at the origin. From which 450 Million are distributed for the different sales (45%). 15% is the company reserve and 10% are dedicated for Marketing purposes. The rest is destined charity funds, ecosystem rewards etc.