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Monolith Monolith (TKN)

0.416103 USD (1.46%)
0.00004048 BTC (0.72%)
0.00188751 ETH (-3.19%)

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Cap. Marché
12,909,734 USD
1,256 BTC
58,561 ETH
Volume (24h)
736 USD
0.07 BTC
3.34 ETH
Offre en Circulation
31,025,344 TKN
Offre Totale
39,406,760 TKN
Chargement données depuis le serveur...

Monolith Marchés

# Source Paire Volume (24h) Prix Volume (%) Catégorie Type de frais Mise à jour
1 Livecoin TKN/BTC $498 $0.385234 67.66% Spot Percentage Récemment
2 Ethfinex TKN/USD $228 $0.476540 30.93% Spot Percentage Récemment
3 Ethfinex TKN/ETH $10 $0.573811 1.39% Spot Percentage Récemment
4 HitBTC TKN/BTC $0 $0.401310 0.01% Spot Percentage Récemment
5 IDEX TKN/ETH $0 $0.441063 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment
6 Bancor Network TKN/BNT ** $669 * $0.485916 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment
* Prix Exclu
** Volume exclus
*** Prix/Volume Exclu – Valeur Aberrante Détectée

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À propos de Monolith

Monolith is a decentralised banking alternative, powered by Ethereum. Monolith provides a non-custodial contract wallet to store Ethereum-based tokens securely. Users can then exchange them to fiat and load them onto their Monolith Visa debit card. The Contract Wallet is non-custodial, open-source, and decentralised. It enforces advanced security features which are designed to protect users funds in the event of an attack. The Monolith Visa debit card is accepted globally and currently available for EEA residents (31 countries within Europe).

The Monolith token, TKN, gives community members a chance to participate in the success of the Monolith card. TKN is backed by a growing basket of ERC-20 tokens that people use to pay for everyday purchases. Each time a Monolith card user spends any other token than TKN, a 1% contribution is sent to the TKN Community Chest. Holders of TKN can then cash and burn their tokens at any time to redeem their share of the chest.

Statistiques de Monolith
Prix de Monolith 0.416103 USD
RSI de Monolith -57.16%
Rang sur le marché #283
Cap. Marché 12,909,734 USD
Volume sur 24 H 736 USD
Offre en Circulation 31,025,344 TKN
Offre Totale 39,406,760 TKN
Offre Max Aucune Donnée
Le plus haut 4.30 USD
(11 janv. 2018)
Le plus bas 0.170709 USD
(29 janv. 2019)
Bas / Haut sur 52 semaines 1.06 USD /
0.170758 USD
Bas / Haut sur 90 jours 1.03 USD /
0.252542 USD
Bas / Haut sur 30 jours 0.523470 USD /
0.354438 USD
Bas / Haut sur 7 jours 0.455535 USD /
0.354438 USD
Bas / Haut sur 24 heures 0.431038 USD /
0.385695 USD
Bas / Haut hier 0.431038 USD /
0.385695 USD
Ouverture / Fermeture d'hier 0.405399 USD /
0.424282 USD
Change d'hier $0.018883 USD (+4.66%)
Volume d'hier $750 USD

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