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What is FOMO Chronicles Manga?

FOMO Chronicles Manga is a blockchain-based platform focused on promoting valuable projects, use cases, safety and education effectively and efficiently using NFTs. We also help educate and provide the tools necessary for upcoming artists, content creators and existing real-world projects to safely create revenue streams.

OTAKU Token Utility

The token holders of OTAKU are eligible for the following use cases, but not limited to:

Payment System- OTAKU is used to purchase FOMO Chronicles new releases and associated merchandise within FOMO Chronicles ecosystem, post-launch.

Staking- OTAKU holders are able to stake their tokens to earn more OTAKU at a given Annual Percentage Yield.

NFT Airdrops- NFTs are airdropped to reward $OTAKU stakers according to the staking duration x total number of $OTAKU staked.

Be Part of the Manga FOMO Chronicles Series- Holders and stakers of OTAKU are given opportunities to win and design their own characters that are featured in Manga FOMO Chronicles series through a lottery system. Every time the character appears in the manga, they are rewarded in $OTAKU Tokens.

Tier Membership- To qualify for the Tier Membership, users need to hold a required amount for each tier. Each tier consists of different utilities such as passive income from NFT sales, profit sharing from NFT sales, governance committee, voting/approval rights, etc. Token Circulation: