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Données des Prix du DUMPDOGE en Temps Réel

First and foremost, I’m unrelated to the DOGE family that everyone is talking about, and it seems like all their family members are coming on stage at once.

My stage name is Lala Doge, as in an accidental doge of you-know-what while I was stripping in LA - I’m in Vegas now, btw - still stripping but mostly via live video now because of this Covid thing - sorry, said too much? Anyways, I do dump things on stage and off stage so my friends call me DumpDoge.

So here I am, doing another DumpDoge thing by launching this token. But you know what? This girl is gonna take the word Dump and make it into Pump in no time, and then everyone will be calling me PumpDoge.

I like to pump. Please help! Just 10 minutes of Pump a day is all a DumpDoge needs!