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Données des Prix du DOGEBACK en Temps Réel

What is DogeBack

DogeBack is the first token ever created that is able to give off DOGECOIN dividends to all its holders. Everybody will earn crypto currencies' favourite meme coin just because of holding. The more they hold the more they earn.

DogeBack proposes an innovative feature in its contract represented by the dividend payment in Dogecoin!

The contract takes 10% of every transaction and accumulates capital to purchase Dogecoin which is paid off to his holders in Binance Peg Dogecoin. In that sense, as a Dogecoin supporter, DogeBack aspires to be part of Doge environment.

Besides being an innovative mean of passive income, Dogeback has been given Shibetoshi Nakamoto's legitimation ( Dogecoin's creator) who thought of Dogeback as a right way of supporting Dogecoin. If Shibetoshi Nakamoto himself trusts DogeBack, this token has a huge potential in generating constant passive income to everybody that cares to hold it for the long term, one of the main purposes this token was conceived for.

In some way, DogeBack rewards its holders as a new and fair alternative to other financial ways of passive income like staking. Dogecoin rewards are higher than others dividend methods.


Dividends are automatically reflected relative to each individual's holdings on a daily basis. When volume is higher the frequency of the distribution is higher too. So the distribution cycle times depend on the number of holders in the market and transaction volume but can be claimed manually using the platform, where every holder can see the amount of DogeBack that is owned and the amount of Dogecoin reflections that is pending of being distributed.

A minimum of 200k tokens is required to be held to qualify for dividend distribution.


5% of all transactions will be taken by the contract, a configurable portion will be used for marketing while the bulk of the tax will be used to buy back and burn our token to offset the selling pressure generated by the dividend mechanism. DogeBack has a 100 billion supply and it is a deflationary token, meaning the supply will be reduced transaction after transaction. It is a win-win deal!

Nowadays DogeBack is a community driven token. Developers are in the project to help with technical issues or advise its admins but the future of the coin is in the hands of the community which is organized by the official telegram group and DogeBack's Twitter account. For any issues the community is there to help everybody in need.

DogeBack's community commitment has been amazing in order to take this token back on track and this can be seen in all the intense episodes that DogeBack has lived since its launch last July 6th 2021: Dogeback was delisted from CMC, Dogeback's Telegram was attacked by imitator tokens and a bug in the dividend system appeared as well. In spite of these circumstances, DogeBack's community is still in love with this token and its philosophy, that is why all those troubles were fixed and DogeBack token is still alive and growing.