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Imagine being paid to learn a foreign language.

With 1.4 billion people worldwide learning English, the social and economic impacts could be enormous. With paid learning, many millions of people could improve their economic and social mobility and earn a meaningful income in the process.

The idea is becoming a reality with Web3 technologies and new business models. One of the most promising trends in the digital asset space is GameFi ('game' + 'finance') — also known as Play-to-Earn gaming. It allows users to earn money while playing online games.

Apply a similar principle with Learn-and-Earn, and you are solving the biggest problem in online education - motivation. Learn-and-Earn boosts the speed and success rate of acquiring useful new skills and knowledge by combining learning with financial incentives and instant gratification. Welcome to LetMeSpeak, Web3 language learning. A place to play, learn English and earn.

The LSTAR is the in-game currency of the LetMeSpeak ecosystem. It is used to reward people for learning English and for redistributing value between community members and NFT owners. LSTARs have utility inside the game, and are freely transferable outside of it.

LSTAR token Utility: ● Create new NFT Characters (Invites) ● Visa extension for Characters ● In-game fees and consumables ● NFTs visual customization ● Purchase Property NFTs