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Self-reported circulating supply
329,919 YLZ
Total supply
332,129 YLZ
Max. supply
3,250,000,000 YLZ

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About YieldZard

What Is YieldZard?

YieldZard provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a fixed compound interest model through the use of fixed APY. YieldZard Auto-Staking Protocol (YAP) is a financial protocol that makes staking easier, more efficient and awards $YLZ token holders automatically every 5 minutes, this time interval is referred to as an EPOCH.

There are 105,120 EPOCHs in 1 year: EPOCH 1 - 105,120: 0.00868% every EPOCH (First 12 Months) EPOCH 105,120 - 157,680: 0.00211% every EPOCH (Next 6 months) EPOCH 157,680 - 683,280: 0.00014% every EPOCH (Next 6.5 Years) EPOCH 683,280: 0.00002% every EPOCH (In Perpetuity until max supply is reached)

YieldZard has a Coverage Fund (YCF) which serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and long-term sustainability of the YieldZard Protocol by maintaining a consistent 0.00868% rebase rate paid to all $YLZ token holders every 5 minutes.

YieldZard has a treasury wallet (Wizard's Chest), which serves as additional financial support for the YCF. It helps to establish a floor value for the $YLZ token. The treasury may also be used to fund new YieldZard products, services, and upcoming projects (Play-2-Earn game of Wizards that we will start developing with our industry specialists) that will expand and provide more value to the YieldZard community as well as providing funding for marketing.

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