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Self-reported circulating supply
2,736,086,000 XTRA
Total supply
20,000,000,000 XTRA
Max. supply
100,000,000,000 XTRA

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About Xtra Fund

XTRA.FUND is the world's first cryptocurrency project with an investment protection element fully powered and exclusive to the XTRA FUND Token. It launched its proprietary & unrivaled XTRA PROTECTION feature which protects a user's initial staked amount on the platform against a drop in price of up to 90% during a bear market, while offering rewarding gains during a bull market.

To support XTRA PROTECTION, 80% of all tokens in circulation were allocated to it. It is managed by a highly secure smart contract, making it decentralized and inaccessible to anyone, including the XTRA team. This innovative feature consists of an automated algorithm designed to survive any market condition.

During times of a favorable market and gains, the XTRA.FUND platform rewards users with strong ROI which it is able to fund via its cooperations with loan market consortia that have extensive experience and offer B2B loans within the EU market. The company is also planning to expand this support with partners from other parts of the world.

Additionally, as part of joining the platform, users are automatically entering a growing community known as the XTRA CLUB for which the company will not only continue to improve its current features, but also launch new ones including the upcoming XTRA LAUNCHPAD, where prescreened top-tier projects within the blockchain space will be able to enjoy the benefits of exposing their concept to the XTRA CLUB, in return, members will have the opportunity to not only buy tokens within these projects at a very favorable price, but also these tokens will enjoy a similar level of protection as offered by XTRA PROTECTION.

XTRA.FUND is changing the way users from a variety of background use and stake crypto, aiming to make it a safer and more rewarding experience via innovative features and ideas, appealing to a wider audience than ever before. Join the XTRA CLUB now!