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XChainz (XCZ) was founded by a Facebook executive in global talent selection and other IT professionals. XChainz will address the 21st century technology skills gap that has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. XChainz's goal is to assess individuals through an artificially intelligent assessment platform, provide online training in hard/soft skills that are needed in 21st century jobs, issue blockchain-based digital credentials, and coach members to successful careers in today's digital economy. Currently we have completed Phase 1 of building the artificially intelligent assessment platform. We have successfully acquired customers who are interested in assessing the skills of their workforce. Our next phase involves building out our training platform. The third phase is to complete the building of our coaching and credentialing services so that members have a permanent record of their newly acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities. During the build out of our platform we will be integrating with 3rd party providers and providing smart-contracts for completing assessments, training, and coaching. Records will be registered on our blockchain and certificates will be issued to member wallets. We currently have over 1700 active masternodes in our network worldwide.

Our website is https://xchainz.io and our white paper can be found here: https://xchainz.io/wp-content/uploads/XChainz-Whitepaper.pdf .