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Self-reported circulating supply
37,000,000 XAN
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Max. supply
1,000,000,000 XAN

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About Xandar

Xandar is a Play-to-Earn Adventure and Arena-based game integrated with the concept of both MMORPG as well as MOBA. Its a game where players can combine their adventure and battle arena skills to win real monetary rewards in the form of NFTs and game tokens. It provides the concept of Octa-Attributes in a single game, which enhances the user's gaming utility and has become a core part of its Unique Selling Point.

Xandar is a cosmic galaxy of allure and home to a plethora of creatures that reside in its four realms. The realms revolve around the gigantic star, Gargantua, which is the nucleus of the galaxy. Travel the expansive and varied panorama of each realm, capturing agile creatures and then using them to battle in the XandArena or trade among users via the exchange in the marketplace. The XandarEx is a decentralized exchange platform that allows users in the form of players to buy NFTs (fauna or weaponry) straight from the Xandar Marketplace or sell NFTs to the marketplace.

In Xandar, the concept of Meta-Multiverse Reality has been introduced, allowing users to traverse the different metaverse realms of the Xandar Multiverse and engage in combat with players from other metaverses as well within their own. Inter-Realm Operability is the name of this comprehensive idea. It encourages social and financial freedom by allowing users to interact with one another and own their in-game assets as NFTs.

Battle of Xandar is an Inter-Realm competition held once every quarter in the G-Arena. The Xandar Points (XP) are the main pivotal factor in participating in the mega event, along with the game tokens. The contest will only be open to cardinal users of every realm in terms of Xandar Points who also have a sufficient number of game tokens in their repository.