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What is MetaSea (MTS) ?? MetaSea - The Amazing Adventure is a multiplayer building game where anyone can buy and own rare items, collect ancient sea monsters and meet new friends. In the crypto market, there are also many Metaverse games such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, ... In these games, you can create your own worlds, own property through NFT as well as trade them through Marketplace, ... MetaSea - The Amazing Adventure, a game combines the best of the two worlds - an interesting story for players who want to enjoy the gaming experience as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs, even if they don't know what NFT is.

Delightedly, the game is procedurally constructed to come out, which incorporates blockchain technology, unique style and memorable philosophy. Blockchain infrastructure is "hidden" for players who don't care about basic technology, resulted in the onboarding of average users with no desire to learn about "crypto". People attracted to this game are enthusiastic, leading to seamless user experience. Each user account receives a linked wallet for their collectibles accessible by both web and mobile app. MetaSea - The Amazing Adventure is a multi-player building game where anyone can buy and own rare items, collect ancient sea monsters and make new friends. In these games, users can create their own worlds, own property through NFT as well as trade through Marketplace, ...This is a combination between an interesting story for players who want to get involved in a new adventure and an ecosystem for players who want to collect as well as trade NFTs, even if they don't know what NFT is.

The DeFi NFT functions are as rich as mentioned in this document, among other features. Players and investors will be interested in Governance model and aspects of DAO, as well as the mainstream media. The game carries a message of communication and connects the community together to protect the environment. Although the market is competitive, the project keeps following a direction with a separate mission, not only playing, entertaining, relaxing, earning extra income, but also bringing the value of protecting nature through. Obviously, some other NFT games are only interested in profitable value, then ignore the community factors. But this game is a community for the community. With a development team with many years of working experience and a great mission, including CEO - Massi Antonio who has more than 20 years of IT related experience and CTO - Vladik ArshanskiIT Communication & Infrastructure Director at NVIDIA Networking BU | MBA Blockchain dev & Crypto enthusiast - AI Research Fullstack Develop, the campaign is aimed at changing the lifestyle and educating people of all ages to appreciate nature. Players also enjoy a democratic governance model based on democracy and inspirational real-world rules for DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Aside from bringing realistic ocean experience and earnings to people regardless of age and gender, "The better ocean" is the best motivation for the Metasea to be born in 2021. Metaverse NFT Game was born with the mission of using the cryptocurrency platform to raise funds for sea protection and raise people’s awareness about the importance of the ocean. The project issues Metasea (MTS) tokens and NFT items to users in the game for exchanging and receiving a reward. Users can reach the Metasea NFT Game through numerous ways: Airdrop, Battle, Farming, etc. With a view to ensuring asset use and income development for the players, these new campaigns will be created based on these basic protocols. Besides, Metase is positioning itself to scale to become the world's first truly global NFT company with office locations worldwide. The product viability of the game is that: • The game aims to attract, target different players from different social classes, regardless of age, gender, profession and social classes. Metasea is the brainchild of Shadow of War, an interactive game studio known for its game innovation. As a pioneer in VR gaming, the studio is experimenting with Augmented Reality (AR) to bring gaming to a new level of quality and significant blockchain features: Decentraland: An open 3D world, like a second life on the blockchain. MetaSea: Also, an open 3D world, inspired by minecraft. The target market analysis of inspirational games is like Naval Action, described with relaxing, playing and earning money, as well as a sense of farming as many cryptocurrencies as possible

• Metaverse Unlimited experience and exploration while waiting for technology to develop for real experience. With exceptional creativity in the Metaverse, people will have a lot more inspiration for inventions beyond real life. Moreover, in the context of the current Covid-19 epidemic, when countries implement social distancing policies, MetaSea will be a very ideal place for us to interact with the ocean in the most authentic way. • Play to earn The Play-to-Earn business model is the latest development in the gaming industry which has a strong value proposition for various stakeholders and, most importantly, the game's users themselves. MetaSea aims for a balance between two main pillars: - Immerse players in a relaxing and fun playing environment - Provide revenue sources for all players