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About Wild Island Game

Deep in a distant universe, there is a world made up of large islands, each harboring a type of creature within. For centuries these creatures lived in peace, unaware of the existence of other islands in their world, but an earthquake of gigantic proportions, made these islands unite into one, now, all the beasts will face each other to defend their territory and survive to the other creatures that have now become his adversaries. The era of peace is over and battles have begun in the SMASH Sands of Wild Island.

In Wild Island, the wild world opens up at your feet, a giant island with different environments, will be the protagonist of the battles and each of its corners has been transformed into an arena for epic SMASH-type battles. Buy your own battle arenas at the MARKETPLACE and defend your territories using your NFT beasts for increased performance.

Wild Island, is an NFT Game set on a giant island, in this game your objective will be to guide the beasts that inhabit it to survive. It is a game with dynamic game modes, where your beasts NFTs compete in SMASH type battles; Interact with your NFT beasts and receive rewards in the game economy by completing daily missions and completing objectives.

MARKETPLACE EQUIPMENT Buy your beasts, weapons, accessories and skins, in the game's Marketplace, carry out daily missions to receive rewards and be able to market your NFTs or equipment in the game. Equip your creatures and evolve them in the right way to defeat your enemies in SMASH battles.

BEASTS: The beasts are the main protagonists in Wild Island! it will be your characters in this universe, different attributes and rarities; Breed, evolve, and battle with your beasts in the Smash Arenas.

EQUIPMENT: Equip your beasts with weapons and special items to improve their characteristics and abilities and their attack power in the battle arenas.

RARITIES: ‌4 different rarities, variety of beasts and characteristic attributes: Strength, speed, health and wild Fury. Assemble your team of beasts or battle alone within the Smash Arenas.

SKINS: Customize the beasts to your liking with different skins obtained within the game or through the marketplace.

Wild Island is a game designed to meet the needs of NFT video game enthusiasts by introducing a universe with dynamic characters and entertaining game modes.

Fun: Have fun with the battles and game modes. Interact and equip your beasts and compare them with those of other players.

Daily missions: Perform daily missions to receive rewards and to be able to trade characters, equipment and skins within the game.

NFT Market: Buy and sell your NFT beasts in the game's Marketplace, as well as special items or equipment.