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Self-reported circulating supply
12,633,342,569 WEBD
Total supply
19,507,894,128 WEBD
Max. supply
42,000,000,000 WEBD
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Jun 14, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Dec 22, 2020 (3 years ago)
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About WebDollar

WebDollar is a cryptocurrency that aims to make the adoption of cryptocurrency as simple and accessible as possible. The WebDollar network is fully native to the World Wide Web, written in JavaScript, and built around the concepts of simplicity, lightness, and portability. This means that users do not need to download any software or create an account to start using WebDollar. Additionally, there are no funds locking or penalties, and users can stake or withdraw their funds instantly. The wallet is automatically created and stored locally, making it easy for users to keep track of their funds.

One of the key benefits of using WebDollar is its use of a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This allows for trustlessness without requiring the download of the entire blockchain history, making it possible for users to access the blockchain for staking from any device. Additionally, WebDollar uses a 2-years halving model, which helps to control the inflation rate and ensure the long-term stability of the currency.

Another benefit of WebDollar is its focus on security and privacy. The upcoming upgrade WEBD 2.0 will introduce several new features to the network, including Delegated Staking, Cold Staking, HD wallets, and better encryption. These features will make it easier for users to secure their funds and keep their transactions private. Additionally, WEBD 2.0 will include a feature that allows for the creation of multiple assets on top of the WEBD blockchain, while also ensuring that all transaction fees are paid in WEBD.

WebDollar is also designed to foster a thriving ecosystem of applications and services built on top of the network. This will create a diverse range of use cases for the currency, making it more useful and valuable to users. Additionally, by allowing for delegated staking, users can avoid the issue of "pool hopping" and instead delegate their staking power to another full node.

In terms of scalability, WEBD 2.0 aims to improve the performance of the full node, making it at least 10x faster. This will help the network to process more transactions per block, improving overall efficiency. Additionally, WEBD 2.0 will solve the RAM issue by using constant RAM usage, which will allow for more transactions to be processed without running into issues caused by high RAM usage.

To improve the user experience, WEBD 2.0 will include a better terminal GUI and new full node API and stable endpoints. This will make it easier for developers and advanced users to interact with the network. Additionally, WEBD 2.0 will include websocket subscriptions and notifications from full nodes, allowing for real-time updates and notifications.

Lastly, WEBD 2.0 will support mobile and desktop apps via WebAssembly and Electron.js. This will allow WebDollar to be integrated into mobile and desktop apps, increasing accessibility and adoption of the currency. Additionally, WEBD 2.0 will include a feature that reduces the number of confirmations required for a transaction and increase overall efficiency when integrated with exchanges.

In summary, WebDollar is a cryptocurrency that focuses on simplicity, security, and scalability. Its use of a PoS consensus mechanism and 2-years halving model helps to ensure the long-term stability of the currency. WEBD 2.0 upgrades will further improve the user experience and security, making it more accessible and useful to a wider audience. With its growing ecosystem, WebDollar has the potential to become a widely adopted and valuable cryptocurrency.