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WATER Price Live Data

What is WaterDeFi 's Water (WATER)?

WaterDeFi's WATER is a deflationary and frictionless farming token protocol based on Binance Smart Chain. Every transaction has a 10% fee, 5% is burned and 5% is redistributed to all holders.

WATER is the native token for WaterDeFi and is used for and will be used for:

  • Frictionless Farming by just holding the token, no staking required.
  • Minting $ICE token in the future for DAO and Startup Farming/Staking. (Future)
  • NFT Marketplace, Lottery, and more that will increase burn rate of $WATER. (Future)
  • WaterDeFi aims to provide a two-sided farming ecosystem, frictionless and non-frictionless. $WATER is the frictionless end of the ecosystem and allows a safe, risk-free automatic staking of a deflationary asset.

WaterDeFi is not a pump and dump project but a project that seeks real usage in the future.

Is it safe to invest in WATER?

Yes, the team has tried to be as transparent as possible. The startup presale and launch is at the same price of $0.055 and the presale had a limit of 10BNB per wallet.

As of launch, 50% of the initial liquidity provided has been burned and the other 50% has been locked for 3 months (since launch) and will be relocked after it has been unlocked. This is to ensure that there are no rug-pulls and the investment is as safe as possible.

The team has tried to perform audits as soon as possible to gain the trust of the community.

How many WATER tokens are there in circulation?

WATER token launched on Binance Smart Chain main-net on March 6, 2021, with 1 million WATER tokens minted for the single time. Every transaction has a 5% burn fee which constantly decreases the supply of the token, therefore, pushing the price upwards over time.

Where can I buy WATER?

WATER is available for trading on PancakeSwap Decentralised Exchange using the WATER-BNB pair that has liquidity. PancakeSwap automatically routes to the best liquidity source so it doesn't really matter which token you swap for WATER.