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Self-reported circulating supply
684,628,221 ETHEREUM
Total supply
684,628,221 ETHEREUM
Max. supply
684,628,220 ETHEREUM

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About VoldemortTrumpRobotnik69Pepe

VoldemortTrumpRobotnik69Pepe $ETHEREUM is an audacious and ambitious cryptocurrency project, touting itself as the nemesis of $BITCOIN. The project, anchored firmly in the Ethereum blockchain, takes a cheeky and confident stance in the crypto space by asserting the superiority of Ethereum over Bitcoin, and predicting the much-discussed 'flippening' – the point at which Ethereum's market cap might surpass Bitcoin's. The project's name, a mashup of various pop culture references, hints at its playful ethos, appealing to a community of crypto enthusiasts with a sense of humor and a deep appreciation for memes.

Having renounced ownership and burned liquidity, VoldemortTrumpRobotnik69Pepe $ETHEREUM has taken radical steps to ensure decentralization and security. This translates into a project that is wholly owned by the community, with its value derived directly from its user base. The community is not just a passive entity, but is actively engaged in spreading the word about the project, creating a vibrant, meme-rich environment that adds a fun and engaging dimension to the typical cryptocurrency landscape.

VoldemortTrumpRobotnik69Pepe $ETHEREUM has a grand vision for an inclusive and interactive ecosystem. It aspires to be a platform where active community members can connect, collaborate, and share. Central to this vision is the project's rich lore, an archive that recounts the colorful and storied history of the token. This repository not only chronicles the project's journey but also serves as an exciting narrative that community members can delve into and share with the world, helping to further cement the project's unique place in the vast landscape of cryptocurrency.