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What is VANCII?

Vanci.Finance is a Binance Smart Contract-based token, which was developed to bestow its holders for their token loyalty by granting them farming rewards. The token has been created with passive income in mind for holders. The tokenomics allow holders to be rewarded in both BNB and Vanci tokens for the duration of their holding timeframe. This should allow for an unprecedented APY one can achieve for holding such a coin in the long-run.

Vanci is an innovative BSC project with unique features from the same well-known and public dev of pCAT, BANANA and pCATv2. Holders of VANCII are rewarded with more VANCII every time someone buys or sells and on top of that part of the transaction fee accumulates as BNB rewards! Yes, you heard that right! You accumulate BNB just by holding!

Transaction fees:

After the airdrop for pCATv2 holders, there will be a 10% transaction fee on both selling and buying which allows you to accumulate more and more VANCII and also more BNB! A part of the txn fee goes into the BNB rewards pool and is increasing proportionally currently 6% Users can claim VANCII rewards anytime after connecting with their wallet(preferably Metamask to avoid any issues) on the website. We recommend withdrawing a minimum of 0.1 BNB rewards at one time for it to be profitable. Fees are subject to change and will be discussed with the community and will always be announced beforehand!