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Self-reported circulating supply
160,332,553 XYZ
Total supply
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 XYZ

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About Universe.XYZ

What Is Universe.XYZ?

Universe Protocol is a social media NFT marketplace built out with services like auctions, minting, galleries, forums and social media created to streamline community engagement of NFTs. The NFT marketplace is powered by the xyzDAO, which is completely decentralized.

By holding the XYZ token, artists and collectors are allowed to build community on the same platform that they own a part of. Secondly, it allows the community and the buyers to interact and have all the information possible about a collection in one place.

XYZ is the native governance token that controls the xyzDAO and the Universe Protocol.

It can be used for: * Voting on the xyzDAO proposals. * Staking in the xyzDAO to earn XYZ rewards.

Universe and xyzDAO tools include:

  • NFT Minting - Decentralized NFT minting and custom ERC-721 minting contracts for individuals.
  • NFT Auctions - Specialized and normal NFT auction house that has multiple auction types.
  • NFT Social Media - Decentralized NFT Social Media Platform to grow a community and post about NFTs.
  • NFT Galleries - Galleries and slideshows to showcase NFTs and collections in a curated way.
  • NFT Social Tools - Bringing social tools such as wiki bases and knowledge bases to the NFT community with likes and more.
  • NFTs Drops and More - xyzDAO creates innovative NFT drops to explore use cases, games, metaverses and much more as the NFT space grows.

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