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About Unity Network

What is Unity Network?

Unity Network is a user-centric, software development company and the creator of EveCom. We leverage blockchain technology to build a better NFT-based ticketing system that solves major pain points and challenges with traditional ticketing systems.

Our mission is to create an inclusive platform that empowers users of all backgrounds and levels of technical ability to take advantage of this new generation of financial technology.

As blockchain technology rapidly becomes more integrated with our financial lives, we believe no one should be left behind.

Unity Network's apps are developed on the Ethereum blockchain and deployed on Arbitrum, a leading layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum-based decentralized apps that supports faster, cheaper transactions.

To learn more, check out our deep dive of Unity Network.

Who Are the Founders of Unity Network?

EveCom - Your Event Companion!

Tickets should have no master!

The traditional ticketing system lacks imagination and transparency.

Core values

The price model is simple: Pay-Per-Use

Customer benefits:

The Unity Network Token (UNT):

UNT Token Quick Reference Guide

Unity Network’s Core Team and Founders:

About us:

CEO Charles Ellingsen has over a decade experience in management training and has been teaching HR for the last eight years. He has been involved in Web3 since 2014, and has been a Web3 advisor since 2016.

CMO Michel Caspers has experience in community management, communication, media representation and is a firm believer in blockchain technology.

CTO Soufiane Hajazi has extensive knowledge and experience in Web3 technologies. He is dedicated to helping people understand how decentralized, blockchain-based financial apps can make their lives easier in practical ways through trustworthy content, simple language, and intuitive design.

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