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The Unbanked token (UNBNK) is a multi-blockchain cryptocurrency that operates at the core of the Unbanked ecosystem. It's available on the Stellar and Ethereum blockchains to maximize speed and utility. UNBNK can be deposited at Unbanked.com and spent on Unbanked's crypto debit card. Unbanked offers crypto debit cards to residents in various geographies around the world including the United States, Europe, Latin America, and more. UNBNK can also be purchased in the Unbanked.com dashboard by signing up for a bank account to easily convert USD to UNBNK. The bank accounts from Unbanked are available for residents in over 200 countries and territories!

UNBNK is designed to reward Unbanked crypto debit card holders for their loyalty and card usage. Unbanked crypto debit card customers can earn up to 6% back in UNBNK every time they use their cards in-store or online by participating in the Unbanked staking program. The highest tier of 6% back requires 145,000 UNBNK

UNBNK also gains functionality on UNBNK.com through the UNBNK protocol - a lending & borrowing platform that focuses on NFT assets as collateral. This global ecosystem enables independent borrowers and lenders to get loans or earn interest on assets they already own or are able to pledge as collateral for a loan. Interest payments are repaid in UNBNK.