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Twittelon BOSS(TBOSS) is a unique Social-fi Web 3 protocol where people can both socialize and earn.TBOSS ; It is the fundamental currency of the ecosystem.The most basic usage area; TBOSS-C type or ElonMusk-A type NFT is to be used when minting.Participants mint NFTs versus TBOSS the same. However, the type of NFT that can occur independently of the number of TBOSS differs. Twittelon BOSS basically has three purposes.TBOSS is active in these three areas.Living healthy, socializing and spending time on twitter are directly proportional to the use and acquisition of TBOSS. Another fundamental part of the ecosystem has been identified as xTBOSS.TBOSS tokens are the main factor in earning xTBOSS.TBOSS, which is a part of the move to earn program, will be used for every activity to be done.TBOSS taxes are fully adjusted for the benefit of the community. TBOSS is deflationary with the aim of observing the benefits of the community, maintaining a healthy life and increasing the amount of earnings.TBOSS is automatically burned as per the contract.Apart from that, TBOSS has activated the 'holder reward' feature for holders. Twittelon BOSS; has a community based on the philosophy of live, be healthy and win. TBOSS and xTBOSS are the foundations for building this community.