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TVG is a TRC20 token based on the TRON blockchain network.The TRC20 environment packs feature like faster transactions, low gas fee and multichain usability, etc.Apart from the technical aspect, TVG is a social coin that allows users to trade or purchase TVG coins while also contributing to a charitable cause. It facilitates money transfers throughout the world while also ensuring maximum transparency in financial transactions.With every purchase, a specific percentage of TVG will be donated to a charitable cause, bringing smiles to the faces of many underprivileged people.We are a team of enthusiasts who believe that with the help of TVG, we can make the world a better place and take charity to new heights. With TVG, we can all contribute to a good cause while making hefty profits. With a total supply of one trillion coins, we are frequently questioned about such a vast supply. With the world's population rising, we aim for a circulation of 1 trillion coins to ensure that everyone who is a part of this rapidly expanding open world has access to it. And for every trade or purchase of TVG, we have set aside a certain number of TVG coins to give to a charitable cause. Consider how the world will be a better place for everyone if we can contribute to some social impact with the millions of transactions taking place every day around the world.